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  Antarctic Extremes – A Mountaineering Adventure 

Antarctic Extremes – A Mountaineering AdventureAntarctic Extremes – A Mountaineering Adventure Antarctic Extremes – A Mountaineering Adventure
  • Sled into Antarctica’s highest mountains to the remote, unexplored Heritage Range to summit 3 unclimbed peaks at -25C!
    This documentary will give students a feel of living and travelling on the ice, facing extreme conditions and unexpected obstacles and the triumphs of conquering 3 unclimed peaks.
    • Ice Climbing, Crevasses, Blizzards & Extreme Danger in the Driest, Coldest Place on Earth
    • Heritage Range Ellsworth Mountains
    • There are not many unexplored places left on the planet & this documentary captures the thrill of the unknown.

    Join Simon Garrod and Peter Clutterbuck as they embark on a sledge journey into Earth’s driest and coldest continent, 700 miles from the South Pole. The story begins with the plans and preparations for the expedition and the journey to Latitude 80 degrees south via Cape Horn in a Russian cargo plane and onto a ski plane to reach the Heritage Range in the Ellsworth Mountains, the highest mountain ranges in Antarctica.
    The crew set six camps, climbed steep glaciers hauling heavy sledges to finally summit three unclimbed peaks, with ice axes and crampons in temperatures –25°C. A fourth peak was attempted, but abandoned due to dangerous, wide crevasses mostly hidden under fragile ice bridges and a detour that exposed the team to a forbidding ice cliff. A nine day storm then confined the crew to Base Camp in blizzard conditions.
    Featuring Ian Wright MBE, a retired England International soccer player, who played in 581 league games, scoring 387 goals and earned 33 caps for the English national team.
    NEW Antarctic Extremes – A Mountaineering Adventure
    K4605DVD - runtime: 35 min.

       DVD Version $29.95

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