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Sharks !Sharks ! Sharks - Deluxe 4 DVD Box Set

    Sharks eat humans... Fact or Fiction? Think you know the answer?
    All is revealed in this sensational DVD collection. Explore the habitats, behaviors, and physical design of one of the world's most savage and intricate creatures.

  • In Sharks: The Silent Killers
    Join a film crew as they journey to exotic, ocean depths, capturing images of tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, great white sharks and more !
    While you're there, catch a rare glimpse into shark anatomy and behavior. Then, rise from the ocean depths and travel to South Australia in the..
  • The White Death
    for a look at the most feared creature of the sea, the great white shark. Understand it's behaviors, lifestyle,and why it's responsible for more human attacks than all other sharks combined. From there, investigate motive with a fascinating look at how and why many ocean animals attack or defend in..
  • Killers of the Deep
    But don't swear off swimming yet. Distinguish fact from fiction in..
  • Encounters with Sharks
    as John Stonemen dispels common misconceptions about the notorious predator. Be awed, chilled to the bone, and even reassurred all in one collection!
    Deluxe 4 DVD Box Set
An $80.00 value if sold separately!

   DVD Version $34.99

Sharks !Sharks ! Sharks
2 DVD Box Set
   DVD Version $14.99

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