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 Screaming Sport Bikes

Screaming Sport Bikes
4 DVD Set
Screaming Sport Bikes
It’s edge-of-your-seat, top-of-your-lungs action with Screamin’ Sportbikes,
the 4-DVD collection of extreme freestyle streetbike videos.

This quartet of entries in the Careless and Imprudent film series showcases the audacity and death-defying insanity of St. Louis’ own bike team, the Streetfighterz. Roll along with these underground streetbike freestylers, as the Streetfighterz pull off some of the most amazing---and amazingly illegal---streetbike stunts imaginable. From burnouts and circle wheelies to street skiing behind bikes traveling at 80 miles per hour, these madmen piloting these Screamin’ Sportbikes live to battle the blacktop. The DVD Maximum line is an exclusive video series presenting the best from independent producers and filmmakers in 4-DVD boxed sets. Look for other themed boxed sets in the DVD Maximum library, available from TOPICS Entertainment.

Includes the following:

  • C and I: Careless and Imprudent: Ride along with the Streetfighterz, as they take their outrageous brand of motor mayhem to the highways and byways of America. The camera never sleeps on its quest for extreme streetbike freestyling action, from burnin’ stoppies to high-speed wheelies. Approx. 48 Minutes
  • C and I 2: The Evolution: Insanity doesn’t run in this group---it boards a streetbike and opens the throttle! This next rung in extreme performance biking features footage including 140-miles-per-hour wheelies in freeway traffic, and burnouts so screamin’ you can almost smell the rubber! Approx. 54 Minutes
  • C and I 3: Keepin’ It Underground: When the action is underground, the thrills are above and beyond. This third installment in the C and I series continues to break the rules---and the law---with raw, streetbiking footage St. Louis style. Approx. 50 Minutes
  • C and I 4: The highest-intensity, highest-impact streetbike film in the C and I series, this latest installment ramps up the action and raises the street stakes to showcase your favorite stunts in impossible conditions, all set to the slammin'est soundtrack yet! Approx. 45 Minutes
  • Note: This is a 4 DVD Set and will work on a Region 1 DVD player, which are US and Canada DVD players only.

4 DVD Set

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